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About Us



Our Story

We started High Caliber Lures because we felt there was a short supply of high quality custom tackle in the industry including lures and jigs. It started out as just a hobby or a dream but we realized people loved what we were putting out there and it quickly turned into a thriving family business. Our Company Slogan is Why Not Get the Best, Get A Hook Above the Rest. What that means is that each lure or jig produced or designed is selected with the utmost care and the highest quality in mind. We field test products before they are released to the public and strive to manufacture or import a custom high quality product. High Caliber Lures is dedicated to putting High Caliber Gear into your hands and helping you catch more fish with them. We are a company that values the outdoor lifestyle, CPR and providing high quality products at affordable prices. We prefer to think of our customers as being a part of the HCL Angler Family we’ve built. Our favourite thing about HCL is connecting with our customers and being able to see how much they love our lures and especially when they share their success stories and catches with us.

Please contact us anytime if you have any questions, concerns or feedback about your recent order. The best way to contact us is by Messenger or Email.Thank you for Choosing High Caliber Lures!