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🇨🇦 Welcome to HCL 🇨🇦 😎🎣 Our goal is to help you Catch More Fish with Confidence on our Gear. Automatic FREE Shipping in North America on orders over 149.99 CAD (before shipping & taxes) or HCLFAN5 for a Discount on Any order.
🇨🇦 Welcome to HCL 🇨🇦 😎🎣 Our goal is to help you Catch More Fish with Confidence on our Gear. Automatic FREE Shipping in North America on orders over 149.99 CAD (before shipping & taxes) or HCLFAN5 for a Discount on Any order.

Detroit River Jigs (Big River Jigs)

Our NEW Detroit River Jigs are the ultimate walleye weapon. It features a variety of the most deadly colour patterns we’ve made to date. It is our answer to what do the fish want. Because as any angler knows, having a well-stocked tackle box is the key to angling success!
Imagine hauling in a summer walleye beast like the one in this photo! High Caliber Lures (HCL) equips you with the ultimate arsenal to conquer trophy walleye. Our walleye glow jigs are meticulously crafted for superior performance in low-light conditions. Their lifelike action and irresistible glow entice even the most cautious walleye.

Atomic Pro Blades

If you’re looking for a high quality product our Atomic Pro Blades are ideal. They are a vertical jigging lure for today’s modern angler. This deadly lure is constructed with precision fast fall technology and lifelike wounded baitfish flutter action. A superior jigging blade designed to Catch More Fish.

Get Geared up with HCL!

Do you have your HCL Gear yet? If not, HCL NOW has everything you need to start the season off with a bang! We have HCL Hats, Custom Tackle Boxes, Boat & Truck Decals & UV Flashlights. You can be a true HCL Angler when you sport our Gear & Accessories!
Wonderglow 2.0 are the BEST Walleye Glow jig on the market today! These walleye jig head patterns are hot! Wonderglow jigs are ideal for fishing in low light fishing conditions.

Wonderglow 2.0 Jigs

The Original “Wonderglow” Is the hottest multi-species jig yet!! Looking for an edge this season? Wonderglow is the answer. With our New Omega Jigs featuring Large 3D eyes and a little nasty sticky sharp hook will increase your hookup ratio!

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Why Choose A Hook Above the Rest? The Better Question is Why Not Choose HCL.

5 Reasons to Choose HCL Gear 🤗🎣

5 Reasons to Choose HCL Gear 🤗🎣

1) We are dedicated to providing a high quality product that’s constantly evolving & we continue to redefine excellence through innovation. We’re proud of our ability to bring you the next level of innovation for Walleye Jigs!

2) HCL has the Best Glow on the market with our Wonderglow 2.0. It's the best multispecies jig & outperforms the competition increasing your hook-up ratio.

3) We care about YOU our customers and your satisfaction with our products & service because it matters. If it’s not High Caliber, it does not leave the Shop!

4) If you dream it, we can do it! We can do most Custom Work including different jig styles, custom 3D eyes, vibrant never-before-seen colours & upgraded hooks and we LOVE a challenge!

5) We say it & we mean it. We want to help you catch more fish & our jigs & lures (according to feedback & rigorous field testing) have proven to be highly effective for walleye, pike, trout, musky, sturgeon, burbot, bass, crappie, perch, blue gill and more! You name it, we can help you catch it!

Go try them out for yourself and see what quality looks like when it meets innovation and a pure love of the!

Why Not Get The Best, Get A Hook Above The Rest!

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Summer 2024 Walleye Slam on Turtle Lake Special Jig

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  • Unlocking the Secrets of Walleye Vision Glow Plastics for Walleye Success
    July 16, 2024 Kristy Hergott

    Unlocking the Secrets of Walleye Vision Glow Plastics for Walleye Success

    We are always on the lookout for new techniques to add to our arsenals as seasoned walleye anglers. Recently, we've been experimenting with Walleye Vision 3.8" Swimbait plastics, and let us tell you, they're a game-changer! These innovative lures offer a unique combination of attraction and versatility that can put more walleye on your hook, especially during low-light conditions.
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  • Do Walleye See HCL Glow and UV Jigs?
    January 16, 2023 Kristy Hergott

    Do Walleye See HCL Glow and UV Jigs?

    Do Walleye See HCL Glow and UV Jigs?

    Walleye, have excellent vision which helps them to locate prey in the dark or murky waters where they typically live. One of the ways they do this is by being able to see light that is outside of the visible spectrum, specifically ultraviolet (UV) light. High Caliber Lures work by emitting light in the UV spectrum, which is invisible to the human eye but can be seen by many species of fish, including walleye.

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Lake Winnipeg Greenbacks love this colour! - Atomic Neon Pro Glow Pink

Graham E.

Great product, Fast shipping, and painted exactly what I asked for! They catch fish too!

Christopher B.

HCL OMEGA walleye Jig, poison iridescent colour, painted leadhead jig, round head jig, custom painted jigs, green walleye jigs

Absolutely the best customer service and quality in all products. If you don’t see what you want on the website message them and they will likely be able to do whatever custom work you want done.

Gavin G.

Fantastic service, prompt delivery and fantastic lures. Love this stuff

Dan Champagne

Just talked to Kristy and told her what exceptional products and service I have recieved over the years! Thank you so very much. It's a pleasure to do business with you! Steve Venarchick Maple Grove, MN

Steve Venarchick

I’ve caught some of my biggest walleye on HCL jigs, awesome product worth every penny!

Nathan P.

Great quality product, hooks stay sticky after multiple landed fish, the paint and finish have a greater endurance and ability to change out the treble via the added split ring is a feature that other brands of similar shape don’t add.

Matt R.

UV Bomb Glow Jigs, walleye jig heads, trout jigs

Could not be happier with the quality of the product and the kind caring support of the owners. The only tackle in my arsenal.

Kevin F.

Kraken Xtreme Glow jigs set, UV glow jigs, Ghost Glow GLOW jigs, lead head glow jigs, glow jig sets, Laker jigs

Friendly and accommodating staff. HCL has been a pleasure to deal with, Kristy was more than helpful and made life simple and easy to substitute an unavailable product and also add some goodies.